Strata Florida off-road

7 mile off-road mecca


Strata Florida is a 7 mile mecca for off-road enthusiasts, named after the Strata Florida Abbey which is a former Cistercian abbey positioned at the start/end point of the course . The Abbey is located in west Wales just outside Pontrhydfendigaid, near Tregaron in the county of Ceredigion. 

Strata Florida Abbey


We started from the Abbey (which is signposted off the main road) and headed up into the forrest above the Abbey. Here is where you loose the tarmac road and head off road. Note that there are forestry metalled roads for the first section that the Strata Florida criss crosses (you don’t want to take any of these, stay on the rough stuff).


How technical is Strata Florida?


There is nothing on the course that is particularly difficult or technical, what will make it difficult is the weather conditions and time of year. There are a few places that are a bit more technical like the bomb hole but most can be driven around if required. However, there is plenty of water on the route and I expect at all times of the year, although depth’s will vary. We did it in February and the water level was up to the bumper on a Land Rover Defender with a 2″ lift.

We did it in a group of 3 Land Rover’s, one Defender, one Disco 2 and one Disco 3 and none of them had any real issues with the water or the terrain. In the Defender I did 80% of it in high range and only dropped into low range about twice, once for the bomb hole decent and the second for a rock crawling section.

Strata Florida Start point
Strata Florida Abbey
Strata Florida Bomb Hole


Water & Fords


You cross 12 fords on the 7 mile stretch but at times it’s difficult to see what is a ford and what is just the track full of water. If your Land Rover is anything like mine (leaky) you will want to wear wellies.


Bomb Hole


The  photo’s don’t do the bomb hole justice and it’s a lot steeper when you are stood at the top looking down, it’s got a to be a 45 degree angle. Going up it would be very straight forward, going down is the more tricky option, because of the incline you are likely to catch the back end when you hit the bottom and then pull away. Both the Disco’s caught their tow bar and the Disco 2 on standard tyres and height caught its rear bumper as well.