Review – Adventure Overland Show Spring

Now held twice a year the Adventure Overland show takes place at the Stratford upon Avon race course, this was our first visit. Unfortunately it was raining and despite it being the first day and still early the whole place was starting to look like a Glastonbury esque mud bath. By Sunday I suspect 2 wheeled drive cars will be being pulled out of the car park, so take your wellies if you are going.


My overlying impression is that the venue is just wrong for this type of event, you had the car park and some of the stands in the middle of the race course and then a bunch the other side of the race track in the grand stand and in front of the grand stand. It feels really disjointed and a bit chaotic, we had to keep asking where things were. I would guess there were about 50 traders spread across the site and some good stuff, nice vehicles and some seminars although never found a list of what was on.


For £15 per adult it felt a little expensive for what you got, however, the show has huge potential and I suspect if you were making a weekend of it and camping (and the weather was better) you could soak up the atmosphere.