Car insurance in Morocco

If you are planning a trip to Morocco with your Land Rover then one of the things to consider is car insurance. Morocco requires you to have 3rd party insurance as a legal minimum, however getting it is not easy.




Many of the guides tell you that you can pick it up at the port but on the two trips we have made we have never found this illusive insurance office in the port. We even tried driving to the nearest city and only found closed Axa offices.

It may be possible to find it somewhere in Morocco but relying on that could leave you driving all over the country uninsured looking for insurance, there is an irony somewhere in that.


Out of Country


So what about getting it from outside the Country, well we tried that as well, we emailed various Government and approved Moroccan insurers in our best French but the answer came back we only insure residents of the Country.


UK Insurers


It should be possible to get a green card which would provide 3rd party insurance, but almost no UK insurers provide this for Morocco. However, we found one that definitely does – NFU Mutual. NFU don’t have an online capability for car insurance but you can do it over the phone or pop into your local office, it’s a bit old school but the face to face personal touch is a winner. Going into the office allows them to provide you with a green card or green bit of paper straight away, providing 3rd party cover for Morocco.


Morocco fully comprehensive


We found one insurer in the US that was prepared to provide fully comprehensive insurance for Morocco Here is a quote from them for two Land Rover’s for 30 days in Morocco:


– 1989 Landrover 110: $549.50 USD /w Excess Liability $628.00 USD


– 1997 Landrover Defender 110: $660.00 USD / w Excess Liability $718.00 USD