exhaust jacks what did we learn?

The answer is, we learn’t a lot with our first encounter with an exhaust jack. On the face of it the exhaust jack is a much safer alternative to the high lift jack which has a reputation for re-arranging people’s faces. The air jack weighs nothing and takes up no room so is ideal for the expedition Land Rover.

The one I got came with no instructions but said it was capable of lifting 2 tonnes, so rather than checking how you use them I thought I would just give it a go.

Well here comes lesson 1,  a jack which you place specifically on a point you know can take the load, an exhaust jack has lots of touch points as it inflates. I placed it under the rear axel (this is wrong) as it inflated it wrapped itself around the axel and pushed the brake lines upwards to the point of splitting them. It did raise the Land Rover up easily and did it in seconds.

Second lesson is that this bag has just been filled with exhaust fumes, so when you let it down which you have to do by releasing the valve on the bag you get a face full of exhaust fumes. It’s not easy to avoid this as you kind of have to lean down to reach the valve, my advice is keep your head as far away as possible and turn it away.

Subsequently, looking at instructions looks like the bag should be placed in front of the rear wheels and behind the front wheels. Not even sure this would work for me as i have a runner step which will not take the weight of the vehicle so will be difficult to get the bag to just push on the chassis.

All in all I think the exhaust jack could be a useful weapon with some trial and error. I am now off to replace my brake lines.