Changing Oil on a Land Rover Defender Salisbury Axel

As ever the Haynes manual is not very helpful when it comes to changing the oil on the Defender 110 diff, it says helpful things like just fill it with new oil, how?

Youtube to the rescue with the Land Rover toolbox video – Replacing diff and transfer box oils. My only problem was I didn’t have a nice 4ltr oil pump for pumping the new oil into the diff, time to improvise. I first tried a small funnel and tipping it in but that resulted in more oil over me than in the diff. Plan B, mean’t cutting a length of garden hose off and sticking the funnel in the end, taping the funnel to the wing and pouring in the oil. It took 2.5 ltrs of 80/90w oil, pretty sure the capacity is 1.7lrs but hey ho.

I still have the front diff to do and the transfer box so I ordered an oil pump off ebay “Hausen Fluid/Oil Extractor Syphon Pump 4 Litre Water Transfer Engine Vacuum