Salisbury Plain off-road weekend

Since we entered the 2018 Santana Trophy we thought we better get some off-road time in and test the equipment, people & the Land Rovers. We chose Salisbury Plain because it’s roughly the same distance for all of us to get to and because there is plenty of space to get off-road.

Saturday morning we met at the pub/camp site Woodbridge Inn which is a great little pub and camp site and very close to the plain. A quick map recce and we jump in Stuart’s 110 and head out 4 up to see how comfortable it is (the answer is not very), there is a possibility that we only take one vehicle so this was a quick test. The reality of four men in a Land Rover 110 for two weeks was all to clear after 20 mins off-road. Sitting in the front is fine even if you are tall, but sitting in the back means sitting at an angle which is not comfortable for any period of time, add additional equipment you need for 14 days and you have an emotional trip. So that’s decided we need to take two Land Rover’s.


We headed back to the pub for a spot of lunch then out again but this time with the 110 & the Defender 110 in convoy. Not really knowing the best areas we randomly picked points on the map and drove, we managed to get the 110 stuck in a deep muddy hole and learn’t that tow bars can severely reduce your drop in angle.

All in all a good weekend was had and the equipment and the people were tested.