Santana Trophy 2018

We have signed up for the 2018 Santana Trophy (what have we done!)

The Santana Trophy is a tribute, a homage to the past, to the classic Land Rovers and to the pioneers in rally raids like the Paris-Dakar or Camel Trophy.

Santana Trophy is a race made up of 7 stages (200Km) driving Land Rover Santana (Spanish version of the Land Rover) and Series. Navigation, orientation, driving-ability tests and rescues are all part of the day to day of the event, all of this set in the spectacular landscapes of Morocco.

Since we need a historic Land Rover that is not a Defender i.e. before 1990, we had to buy one specifically for the event. Stuart (photo – he doesn’t look that professional in real life) who already has a Range Rover on the drive decided to begin the search for something suitable(ish).

It seems obvious now but you kind of have three options; pay a lot for an expedition ready Land Rover approx £10 – £15k, or you can buy a solid wagon to make expedition ready £5 – £7k or lastly you can buy a project £1 – £4k. Either way it’s going to cost you similar amounts of money the only thing you are exchanging is your time, blood, sweat, rust and tears.


After many hours on ebay (i mean working hard) and a few trips out to visit some, one in Worcester, heavily restored, £15k, no thanks, looked like a new car, one in Sheffield, blinged up to look modern but had a slipping clutch and crap brakes and one near Peterborough with a dealer, lovely but ‘full retail’ price so too expensive!

Then this 1989 110 200Tdi for £6500 from Newquay appeared on ebay, now it’s not unheard of for one of us to buy something off ebay unseen and hope for the best. Not Stuart he was happy to fight bank holiday traffic for four hours to go and view the Land Rover (I would have just bought it). A week later having paid the nice lady for her Land Rover he was on the train to go pick it up.

The next step is to get her expedition ready, we will keep you updated with the costs and challenges right here on the blog for more updates check out our facebook page