Trade up challenge

Mike Brewer does a series on the Discovery Channel called Wheeler Dealers where they hunt for treasure as they find rundown classic cars and transform them into sleek, gleaming beauties ready to sell on to a punter for a healthy profit. He has a new series out called Wheeler Dealers Trading Up where with just $3,000 in used notes in his back pocket, Mike’s mission is to trade his way across the globe from a cheap runabout to a super car worth $30,000.

So this got me thinking, how hard can it be to go from a banger to a supercar, could I start with £500 and get to a car worth £20,000 by trading up each time. The plan is to use ebay to get me started, so the hunt is on for a £500 motor.

Car 1 – £450

IAudiA4 have to confess not much thought went into this purchase as I started bidding on a whole bunch of cars in the hope of getting one for £500 or less. I lost a very nice Fiat Coupe 20v & a MG ZS but won an Audi A4 1.6 Sports, 1995, with 172,000 miles on the clock. I had a quick drive around the block in it and it felt and sounded not too bad given its age and mileage.

2013-05-25 16.33.06

Well I have had the car a few weeks now and bits have been falling off it pretty much since I got it, I think the previous owner basically glued and in some cases used blue tack to keep things on. The rear suspension on the drivers side has collapsed and the bumper trim fell off, then I got a puncture. It turns out the tyres on this are not standard and cost £90 to replace, going to see if someone can fix the puncture and that will cost around £25. Not a great start, since I really wanted to make £100 on this and try and get the next car for about £550. It feels like this could be a backward step.