Birmingham – Azerbaijan Day 7

We are up late agan, appears to be the way we roll now, drive late into the night then get up late the following morning. Breakfast was taken over looking the surrounding hills and we started to consider our option for car disposal. We figure if we drive to the Azerbaijan border and can’t get in with the car we are going to loose too much time and risk not making our flights on Monday. So we opt for trying to get rid of the car in Georgia and making our way to Azerbaijan via public transport. We can find very little information online about the process so decide to start calling various customs, border police & Agerogian ministeries to get actual hard facts. Lots of calls later and lots of “Do you speak English” and being hung up on and we finally find a lovely lady in the Ministy of Internal affairs that not only speaks gat English but is also helpful. She tells us their is a process, but we have to import the car into Georgia before we can scrap or sell it. So that’s the new plan we import the car then either scrap it or sell it.

Happy we now have a workable plan we decide to head east, worst case scenario was having to drive all the way back to the UK.

Today’s drive was not too long we left around 1 pm from Gerede and arrived in Ortu around 8pm. The only thing of interest was our near miss with a lorry that decided hewas going to turn left across the carriage way at about 50 MPH and wasn’t bothered that we were there, it was a choice bewteen armco or a lorry we narrowly missed both after a tyre destroying emergency stop. We made it to Ordu in good time and found a great hotel on the sea front, beer and food was next on our list. The local resteraunt had great food menus that had random advertisements in, we weren’t sure if we should get a suit or a new set of tyres with our starters.

Car Faults
Electric windows are intermittent
Brakes (what brakes)
Exhaust blowing
Rear wheel now making lots of noise
Glove box door fell off

Distance travelled
3050 miles, 12 Countries
England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey

Gerede to Ordu

Police Stops

Human injuries
Both – blisters on our feet
Both – mozie bites
Simon – paper cut from map
Nick – pealing hands from steering wheel
Simon – Sunburnt left arm (lorry drivers arm)