Birmingham – Azerbaijan Day 10


LibertysquareHotel checkout complete and bags left we head for the service centre with the car, arriving to find it open (hurrah), we find someone who can talk english but yet again we are in the wrong place. We are told the centre down in Rustavi does imports not the one in Tbilisi, so we hop in the car and make the 20km trip south to the small town of Rustavi. On exiting the highway we see cars everywhere, this is certainly the place to sell it, its like the worlds biggest auto jumble. We find someone in the service centre who speaks good english, he asks for the V5 and I show him our emailed & printed copy of it, he asks for the original and I explain the story. He says without the original we can’t do anything, arrrgggg. All that time wasted running around and we can’t do it, he does suggest we can just leave the car and sort it out inside the 90 days you are allowed to leave the car in the country for.

Ok time for plan B, we ring Janos and offer him the car for free and tell him we will post him the paperwork so he can import it correctly. He is delighted and agrees to meet us back in freedom square so we can hand the car over. He is very greatful and turns up with his cousin and they bring us a big bottle of Georgian wine to say thanks. I will now send him the V5 in the post and hopefully he will import the car and that is the end of our problems. The car drives off into the sunset and we are left with just our bags, it feels a bit werid being without a car, we are now just normal tourists.

2013-05-04 12.55.19We still need to get to Azerbaijan to compete our journey and our initial aim, a bit of wifi tells us their is an overnight train from Tbilisi to Baku and it leaves at 16:30hrs. We have a few hours to kill so we hop over to the train station via the metro grab some tickets then find some lunch. It is here we meet a 67 year old German chap who has cycled from Istanbul to Tbilisi and is heading across the various stans towards China on his own, amazing guy.

Lunch sorted we head for the train and stock up on food and drink because there is nothing available on the train.  See our blog post on the train journey to find out how we made it to Azerbaijan.

Car Faults

Electric windows are intermittent
Brakes (what brakes)
Exhaust blowing
Rear wheel now making lots of noise
Glove box door fell off

Distance travelled
4000 miles, 14 Countries
England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan


Tbilisi – Baku





Police Stops

4 (1 Germany, 2 Bosnia, 1 Turkey)

Human injuries

Both – blisters on our feet
Both – mozie bitesb
Simon – paper cut from map
Nick – pealing hands from steering wheel
Simon – Sunburnt left arm (lorry drivers arm)