Shed4.0For our trip to Azerbijan we needed a car since Shed3.0 was still being used by Andy and we want to use it for the arctic circle adventure next year. I had done the usual of asking around for anyone about to scrap something but not managed to find anything. So with 3 weeks to go I decided I had to chance my luck on ebay and started bidding on things, well its hard to find anything under £400 that isn’t a non runner.

A little Ford Puma 1.7 caught my eye, 1 careful lady owner never raced or rallied, you know the score and so put it on my ebay watchlist. The price was already at £280 when I first looked at it which to be honest is a bit more than we like to pay but it did look in good nick. The bidding went on and I was outbid a couple of times but I clenched the deal with a cheeky bid in the last 20 seconds. So for the grand total of £330 we were now the proud owners of a Puma.

We have a silver Ford Puma, 2000 (W reg), 1.7L with 144,000 miles on the clock. It needs new brakes, the electric windows don’t work and one of the rear wheels has a bearing going (lots of road noise) but apart from that is all looks good.

All we need to do now is give it a bit of a paint job and we are ready to role.