Ford Puma replacing rear wheel bearing

RearwheelWhen we bought the Ford Puma 1.7 it was advertised as needing its rear wheel bearing replacing. Well this is not something I have tried before but how hard could it be.

So a quick look on ebay and I found the parts for £9.99 so ordered them and they arrived two days later. Here was the process to change the rear wheel bearings:

1- Remove tyre

2013-04-20 16.13.04

2- Remove central nut (30mm socket and a long bar)

3- Then remove hub (remember to take the handbrake off), I had to tap around the hub to losen it up

4- The bearings from the front will fall out at this point

5- Flip the hub over and you will see the ABS ring (its the ribbed bit around the hole in the picture)

5- You have to remove the ABS ring to get access to the rear bearings. In theory you can lever it off by putting a screwdriver under the rim, but the on this car was not budging. So I flipped it back over and used a screwdriver and a hammer to push it out, this destroyed the bearings in the process (not an issue because I was replacing them)

6- Once the ABS ring is off you can remove the rear bearings

7- You are now suppose to remove the bearing rings from inside the hub shaft, well I couldn’t budge these so just left them in. They didn’t look worn.

8- Grease up the new bearings and stick the rears in
9- Put the plastic ring in over the new bearing

10- Put the ABS ring back on

11- replace the hub

12- Put the front bearing in

13- Put the new nut on and torque it up (no idea to what torque so I just did it until it wouldn’t go any further)

14- Put the wheel back on