Birmingham – Azerbaijan

Our Birmingham to Murmansk arctic circle car challenge has had to be postponed because selfishly spanner 2 (Andy) has decided to sell his house and move south to count sheep. Never fear though because all those hours of planning (about 3 and about 4 bottles of wine) are not lost as we still plan to do it next year.

Now since I have a junior spanner joining us this year I thought I better get away while I still have the chance and the wife still thinks its a good idea (to be fair she never thinks these things are a good idea). So all I needed was a replacement spanner, so after much interviewing and long training sessions with people I persuaded Nick to join me.

All we now needed was an unsuitable car and a suitable location to head for. Nick and I sat down over a beer to plan a possible route; it was at this point I realised Nick’s general grasp of geo-politics needed a bit of bringing up to date. Comments like Aleppo looks achievable and me saying but thats in Syria and him saying yeah and, uh bit of a war going on there at the moment. The reality is you can travel a long way in a car in quite a short space of time but the challenge is avoiding countries that have wars going on.

Anyway after 20 minutes of detailed planning we had decided we could probably make it to Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea in about 10 days, dump the car and get a flight back, so thats the planning complete.

Here is the rough route: UK – France – Belgium – Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia – Montenegro – Serbia – Bulgaria – Turkey – Georgia – Azerbijan

14 Countries, 3700 miles, 70hrs of driving in 10 days