Birmingham – Azerbaijan Day 4

Because we arrived so late last night we had a bit of a lie in and only made it to breakfast at about 10am, next stop was a look around Sarajevo town centre. We drove down sniper alley which is one of the main roads that runs into the centre, parked up and set off on foot. Sarajevo still bears the scars of the war everywhere you look you see bullet holes in walls or mortar damaged pavements. The mountains that surround the town are covered in white grave stones and are a constant reminder of those that lost their lives during the war. We had a local coffee in the town square, they make their coffee like many countries by adding hot water to ground coffee (no filters), so watch out for the slurry in the bottom.

We jumped back in the car and headed north east towards Srebrenecia the site of the infamous masacre of over 8000 people. Not sure if we took the right route to the village but the roads were shocking, in places it wasn’t a road it was a dirt track. As we climbed up and over the mountains and got closer we started to notice mine fields on the sides of the road which still had not been cleared some 20 years on. Driving through the village of Srebrenicia you wouldn’t think this was the place of the worst genocide since WW2, kids playing in the street and people going about their day to day lives. About 2k’s out of the village is the memorial, a see of white graves and a wall with all 8372 names on, people taken from the surroundng villages and towns brought to Srebrenica and murdered.

With that sobering visit complete we headed towards Belgrade, the roads in Bosnia are very slow going because of the mountains, quality of the roads (not good) and the local drivers. We made reasonable tim and arrived in Belgrade about 7:30pm and set out to explore the night life.

Car Faults
Electric windows are intermittent
Brakes (what brakes)
Exhaust blowing
Rear wheel now making lots of noise
Glove box door fell off

Distance travelled
1900 miles, 10 Countries
England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia

Sarajevo to Belgrade via Srebrenica

Police Stops