Birmingham – Azerbaijan Day 2


We were up at 7:30am as we had to move the car from its street parking by 8, it was nice to see the prostitutes had’nt gone far, they were just heating up on a spoon what I can only assume was breakfast. A quick check of the car fluids, topped up the washer water to get rid of the warning light and checked the oil to find we didn’t have any. First order of the day now was coffee and oil since looked like all three of us were thristy. Oil drank and we were on the road again, headed towards Nurnberg for breakfast, 3 hrs later we entered the city, parked up and went in search of Fruhstuck.

Today’s lesson is that in Germany all cafe’s toilets have codes on that you can only get if you purchase something, everyday is a school day. Next stop Munich for a spot of lunch, it took us about 1hr 30 and by the time we arrived it was knocking on 22 celcius, hot. It would be rude to visit Munich and not have WeizSchnitizel, so being to polite young men we shared one sat in the opera platz under the besting sun.20130427-080751.jpg

Windows down and we are off again on the road to Lujbiana via Saltzberg crossing through Austria and into Slovenia. Nick at this point decided to take a nap, rolled back his seat and started pushing out the Z’s while I was left to crunch some motorway miles. About 1 hr in the grey BWM pulls in front of me and suddenly a board flips up in the back and a sign starts flashing Police Follow, this completely through me because we are in Germany, now either my German has got real good overnight or thats in English. I decided to follow more out of curosity than anything else, the beamer pulls off at the next junction and then pulls over in a little car park. We pull up behind and I wake Nick to do a bit of translating, two plain clothes coppers get out with pistols in holsters and wonder over, driving license & passport, where are you going “Azerbaijan”! They take our details into the car return a few minutes later and wave us on our way, police pull count now equals 1.

Car Faults
Electric windows are intermittent
Brakes (what brakes)
Exhaust blowing

Distance travelled
1100 miles, 7 Countries
England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia

Frankfurt, Germany – Ljubljana, Slovenia


Police stops