Arctic Circle Adventure

therouteA new year a new adventure, we looked at other organised challenges but either the cost or the time required was just to much. So we decided to look at creating our own challenge and came up with a shortlist of three options; 1- Driving to the black sea and back, 2- Driving to Moscow and back, 3- Driving to Murmansk and back. After careful consideration, looking at mileage, the roads and the danger we opted for Murmansk as it had the furthest mileage, worst roads and the most danger.

5000 Miles, 12 Countries,  a car worth less than £500, a trip into the Arctic Circle and the gateway to the North Pole. This expedition from Birmingham, UK to Murmansk, Russia and back will take the following countries in:Russia Border

England – France – Belgium – Netherlands – Germany – Denmark – Sweden – Finland – Russia – 2,365M

Russia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France – England – 2666M

See more details and join us on our Arctic Adventure – Birmingham to Murmansk