The BWM Z4 has gone

We have had the BWM Z4 for about 4 years now and although I have never liked it, the wife loves the car mainly because of the way it looks. I have always found the 2.0 engine to be competely gutless and the handling a bit like a bath tub.

Of late we have started to noitce the limitations of a 2 seater, you can’t take any friends anywhere or pick people up which has caused us issues.We had a crazy situation where I dropped two people at the pub down the road one at a time. The other challenge has been we can’t pick anything up bigger than a suitcase,the boot is a reasonable size for the car but just not for real-life. The final straw came when we bought two deck chairs and had to peform an act huodini would have been impressed by to get them in.

Then there was the small issue of the dents along the side (other people in car parks she tells me), the two new tyres required and a service due, all together about £1000 needed spending. Time to move her on me thinks,  we paid about 16K for her and looking at autotrader its probably now worth anywhere between 5k-6k, that’s over 2k depreciation per year.

Given the money that needed spending we decided not to sell privately but part-exchange it and spare us all that hassle. One dealer offered us 4.5k,another 5k and the final one offered us 5.5k, it pays to shop around.

So after 4-years of pain free motoring the little Z4 has gone.

PS – We had the roof down twice in 4 years, afterall we live in the UK.