HPI checks are important

I recently part-exchanged the BMW Z4 and the importance of checking a car’s history before purchasing it came to light. The story starts 4 years ago when I bought the car from Car Craft a large Car supermarket with multiple locations. Their cars come with and I quote “You can relax in the knowledge that all our cars come with a complete and comprehensive Drive Happy Package” so at the time I didn’t bother to do my own background checks on the vehicle.

Roll foward 4 years and the dealer I am doing a part-exchange deal with does an HPI check on the vehicle and it comes back with a red flag. The red flag showed that in 2006 (I bought it in 08) it was either written off or stolen and recovered, neither of which show up in the Car Craft paperwork or were mentioned at any point during the purchase (it’s the sort of conversation you would remember when spending 16k).

So I tried to call Car Craft and spoke to a very unhelpful person from the location I bought it from who said “Can’t help you try calling head office”. Predictably head office phone just kept you on constant hold with a recorded message until it said email us and hung up. I have emailed them but two weeks on have had no response, not good customer service.

So lesson learn’t always check a cars history however trustworthy a dealer or individual looks. I just used mycarcheck.com for my latest purchase and it works very well and is reasonably costed (Gold £9.99).