Driving in Bali

Today I added Bali in Indonesia to the places I have driven in, I have been lucky to drive all over the world from Mopeds in Vietnam to a banger across the Sahara. In Bali they drive right hand drive cars on the left hand side of the road so just like home, we hired a little Toyota Avanza for £15 for the day (Bargain).

Driving in Bali reminds me of Cambodia where you have an equal mix of cars and mopeds to contend with, the roads are small which just serves to make things more interesting. If you have never driven in Asia then you are in for a treat, there are few rules. For instance it doesn’t really matter which way you are going you can travel on either side of the road or the pavement for that matter. You don’t stop for pedestrians but you do try to avoid them and mopeds rule. You need to have eyes in the back of your head to spot the mopeds overtaking you on either sides or cutting across in front of you.

Here is a short video I took from the car to show you: