Car Challenges

Each year we pick a car challenge or car adventure and sign up. Here is a list of potential car challenges you could sign up to, choose from tame, challenging through to hardcore events:

Tame events

These events are suitable for first timers or those wanting an easy challenge. They often involve long days on the road but on good quality roads and with a high level of organisation from the organisers. Lots of these events have 50 plus cars and most cars will make it to the end. You will find plenty of support from other teams on these trips so you are never really on your own.

Motoscape Banger rally – Buy a car for £333 or less, various routes all in Europe (5 & 7 day).

Wacky Rally – Buy a car for £300 or less, two routes.

Urban Media AllStar Rally – Buy a car for £250 or less, UK to Barcelona.

Banger Run – Buy a car for £250 or less, UK to Monaco.

Sucata Rallies –  Buy a car for £350 or less, 3 routes over 4 days.

Duckar Rally –  Buy a car for £350 or less, 5 routes.

Crumball Rally – Buy a car for £200 or less, multiple routes.  4days across Europe. We did this event in 2011 (Italian Job).

Modball Rally – 10 Countries, 9 Cities, 7 Days, 125 Cars, 2000 Miles. ANY CAR IS ACCEPTED with at least two modifications.

Gumball Rally – This is less about adventure and more about rich people showing of their cars. US based, £25,000 for two people.

Ramshackle Rally – Buy a car for £200 or less, Multiple routes

U Rally – Multiple routes

Challenging events

These car challenges require a bit more preparation of both the car and the team. The roads on these rallies are  not all tarmac. You will be crossing borders so will have to deal with corrupt cops, customs officials and local mafia. You will be further away from any support  so will need to be more self-sufficient.

London Tashkent rally – 5000 miles from London to Tashkent in Uzbekistan. Buy a car for £250 or less.

Dakar Challenge – 5 routes, most famous in the Plymouth – Dakar. Typical route 2-3 weeks. We did the Plymouth – Dakhla challenge in 2012, see our story

Hardcore events

These car challenges are hardcore and a good percentage of cars don’t make it. People die on these rallies.

Mongol Rally – 10,000 miles, from UK to Ulaanbaatar. Car needs to be 1ltr or under, 4 weeks trip. People have died doing this rally.

Rickshaw run – Multiple routes, India, Peru. 3,500km adventure in a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower.