Day 9 Dakhla Challenge

Today we drove from Ouarzazate to Marrakesh via the mountains (200 miles, via road P1506). The road is tarmac most of the way but during the rains bits can be washed away or very muddy. Warning it goes over the mountains so you will find snow on the top of the hills.

With 2500 miles done the list of issues with the car is getting longer:

Hole in exhaust
Baffle came out of exhaust
Driver mirror smashed
Passenger mirror housing smashed
Sunroof stuck open
Drivers electric window broken
Cracked front windscreen
CV joint driver side banging really loudly
Both sides CV gaiters split 
Windscreen rubber come out 

Staying at campsite Ferdaduss which is about 10k North of Marrakesh on the Casablanca road. It’s not great for tents since its all gravel but they have a few rooms which are pretty crap but only costs £10 per nigtht