Day 16 – Car Sale No Mans Land

 We had been told we may struggle to sell the Honda, Peugeot, Renault and Mercedes are king here, so we weren’t that surprised about that. In fact, we were quite prepared to leave it in no mans land just to get the importation stamp out of Si’s passport. We were then advised to start any bidding at the 8-900 Euro mark. “What!” We had only paid £120 for it in the first place. We had ragged it across 2 continents, bounced it over and through sand dunes, and it had more faults now than we cared to remember. We had no doubts that with the suggested strategy we would indeed be leaving it in no mans land. We thought that if this were the case it may be fun to bridge the accelorator pedal and let it head off into no mans land. We would wait for it to beach itself or blow up, taking bets on which would prevail first. We were told that whatever happened, we should return back to Morrocco no later than 4:30p.m.
Surprisingly, well that doesn’t really do our experience justice, it took us about 5-6 minutes to sell the car. We couldn’t have given it away any quicker. To grease the wheels we thought it may be a good idea to dish out the swizzels lollies we had left in the boot, and that although surreal, seemed to go down well. Morrocans deal over tea, Brits use Swizzells lollies! Si managed to draw 900€ in the shite on the back window. Shades on and bearded up to the max, we cooly sucked our lollies and stood by, waiting for the laughs and the expected counter-bid. I also pointed out that they should remove the wrapper before sucking! We hadn’t quite expected what came next, but an offer of 600€ came and then what seemed to be a bidding war between several of the buyers present. It was us who now had to try and keep a serious face as all this unfolded. We held firm, the lollies helped a lot, not a smirk, not a quiver. “sans plomb au gas oil?”…..”sans plomb”….. the offer dropped to 500€. The buyer gave us his best thousand yard stare, he was driving a hard bargain. Si and I removed the lollies and gestured to each other……SOLD! He handed over the cash, and we headed for the border tout suite, before he had chance to try any of the electrics! Back of the net!!!!!