Day 10 R&R Dakhla Challenge

Today was our rest day in Marrakech and we used the opportunity to get some repairs done on the car.

We repaired the hole in the exhaust with some gunk, a bandage, a strip from a coke can and a jubilee clip to hold the whole lot on. Then we set about trying to sort the driver side CV joint by removing the old gaiter, putting new grease in and putting a new gaiter on. Since we couldn’t get the hub off we had to split the new gaiter, zip tie it on and seal the split with vulcanising tape. A quick test drive showed that the grease had not really done much for the CV joint but to be fair the way it’s been knocking, we thought it was pretty knackered. The exhaust fix however, seems ok. An underside inspection revealed very little damage which is surprising as we grounded it several times. Lost a bit of oil, but rest of fluids still good.