Car parts sand dune surfing

Since we happened to be in the middle of the desert we thought we would find out which car parts you can sand dune surf on. Turns out not much works because sand creates a lot of friction, who knew?

We started with the parcel shelf off the Honda (SHED 2.0). It was a fairly steep dune, and I was pretty sure it would all end in tears. Now I had no doubt in my mind that the parcel shelf would dig in and spit Si out the other end. Indeed that was my hope as I held back the giggles and fired the camera up. I was however, expecting a little more animation and movement, but it never materialised. Si even tried a swan dive, but it was never going to happen. So we decided we needed something smoother to reduce the friction. The lid off a plastic box would do nicely! Again, no joy. Yes it was smooth, but it couldn’t take the weight.
As we had emptied the car ready for sale we hadn’t really got anything else. But I’m a resourceful sort of chap, and with the prospect of putting Si in harms way I suggested removing the bonnet and giving that a whirl. Four 10mm bolts later it was off and just like andrex it was smooth, it was strong, and for those of you old enough to remember Rolf Harris’ 70’s hit there was ” room on my horse for two!” We dragged our trusty steed to the top of the dune, plonked it down and we both jumped on. We enlisted our mate Chris to do the filming and off we went. We shook the bonnet forward to the lip and tipped over the edge. With the adrenalin pumping off we went, well I say went. If moving about a foot constitutes “went” then we went. It was bitterly dissapointing. Si was still in one piece! Dune surfing on car parts won’t kill your mate. It just doesn’t work!