The SHED is dead


Against our better judgement we have allowed Katy to write a blog post, obviously anything she says is wrong and lies <; Simon Having put up with the ridiculous suggestions of things to get involved in for longer than I care to remember, it came as little surprise to learn that for their next great experience, the two spanners were planning to drive through the Sahara desert. I barely raised an eyebrow when they announced that they were going in the Shed. Ah, the Shed. Whose interior smelt like a tent you’d never really dried properly, whose engine cut out the minute you put the lights on full beam, whose bonnet struggled to shut properly and who had recently started cutting out when it overheated. Only a girl would doubt its ability to make it through the Sahara..... Whilst Si and Andy performed open car surgery on the drive one weekend, I flicked through the cumbersome book they’d been sent. This was the first time it had been opened, the boys having preferred to watch the DVD and get hyped up and silly over that – naturally, the pages were brand new and creaked. Me “This looks pretty serious – what sort of tools are you going to take with you?” Boys “Gaffer tape fixes anything.” Me “So are all your jabs up to date?” Boys “Erm....................” Me “What are you going to do if you get stuck in the sand?” (I’ve seen Ice Cold in Alex!) Boys “Ah, we’ve got some carpet tiles – you can make a sand ladder for us”

Whilst Ellie and I got to work making sand ladders, the boys made hard work of replacing the thermostat, the source of what they believed to be the problem – interspersed by Si dropping nuts through the bonnet onto Andy’s head and much swearing. With baited breath they turned the engine on. Smoking. Literally. After a couple more attempts the ugly truth had to be faced. The Shed was dead. Ellie and I held back the giggles as the boys mourned their loss which involved wailing “noooooooo” and kicking the tyres.

With the boys attention firmly placed on finding a replacement, any consideration to equipment they might need to take with them (water, fuel, spares, and documents) was placed on the back burner. Before I knew it, I had offered to do the admin, read the books and nag them about things they need to take with them, if not physically buy and pack them. No surprise that my offer was snapped up in a trice. What’s the worst that can happen?…….