SHED 2.0

Houston we have a problem we have signed up for the Plymouth – Dahkla rally but now we don’t have a car since the SHED is dead. Time to find a new motor and fast, we put the word out we were looking for someone about to scrap their car. Three days later and we were looking at a car just about to be scrapped, it was running but had an MOT coming up that they new it would not pass. Since we are not planning on bringing the car back because we will be auctioning it in Mauritania for charity all we needed was it to survive the 4000 miles. Of course it needs to do a bit of sand duneing along the way as well but what car can’t do that?

Here it is £120 worth of Honda Civic 1.4i 5-door, 135,000 miles, never raced, rallied or offered as a prize on bullseye. Yes we know it looks almost brand new (the dents are on the other side) but despite its looks it has come with a few issues. The stearing is knocking on full lock, the track rod gaiters are split and the clutch is almost gone. Apart from that it’s desert ready!