What’s gone wrong with the shed now part 2

If their is one thing we can guarantee with the shed (Rover 25) is it is only a matter of time before something else breaks. Well the other day I noticed the bonnet was not closed properly, so i did the usual bloke thing of dropping it from the full height but that didn’t work so I tried the jumping on it thing. Since brute force and ignorance had failed miserably I was probably actually going to have to fix it. Although my immediate thoughts were to drill two holes in the bonnet and zip tie it down..

Outcame the Haynes manual to see how difficult it was going to be, easy by the look of it. A few bolts later and the mechanism was out a bit of head scratching then proceeded because it looked fine, the springs were all there and stretched, then I noticed the mechanism that is attached to the bonnet release cable was not returning to the correct position. Not sure why though, everything looked ok, it was just a bit dirty in fact it was full of crap, so I gave it a good clean and hey presto it was working again.

Cost £0, time about 30mins work

Cost to date:

Car £500
Battery £38.50
Total £538.50