SHED Update

Rover25 car batteryYesterday I took the SHED out for a spin and a new problem occured, it kept stalling. Now normally I would say its just my driving but this was litteraly everytime I came to a stop at a juntion or lights it would stall. My first thought was it’s a fuel problem or the auto choke, but it was ticking over just fine, so I topped the fuel up because it was low (light wasn’t on but not even sure the light works), neither were the issue. Then a brainwave struck me, maybe the new battery was moving when I braked and brought the car to a halt and as a result was causing it to cut out.

A quick inspection under the bonnet showed a big gap for the battery to slide around in, probably should have secured it when I fitted it! The only issue was the original bracket was rusted in place and no amount of hitting it did any good. So plan B find a bit of metal and a bolt and fit it to the other hole that is for smaller batteries like the one now fitted.

You can see the shiny bit of metal in the picture is the new bit. A quick test drive with some hard breaking and no stalls suggests this was probably the cause (but hey I am not mechanic so who knows)