How much would you pay for a super car?

How much would you pay for a super car?……or rather, what would you buy with 250k in your back pocket?

Having watched Top Gear last week and dreaming of blasting around Italy in my very own supercar exotica, I selfishly cogitated about which one I’d have if I had the wonga required to own such a beast. I’d happily have any of them, which surprised me, as I’d been told in advance what the line up was and had written the Noble off before seeing it. Previous incarnations hadn’t impressed and I didn’t expect that to change. How wrong can you be? Arguably the best looking car of the lot and performance to match.

So, while watching the show, cosily tucked into my sofa with chicken chilli balti in tow; my thought clouds were on overtime. Ping!….. Even if I had that kind of cash burning a hole in my backside, would I actually want to pay that much for a car? Ping!,,,,,What would the missus say? Ping!….My money, who cares? Ping!… went on, until I came up with the question to top the charts…. If I had a quarter of a mil to blow, what could I buy with it? Car wise that is. Houses, yachts etc would be cheating.

So began my search for automotive nirvana. As with most things I do I put my thoughts into categories, “well I’ll need a supercar, a decent saloon, a 4×4, a classic” etc and so it went on. And so, with about as much clarity as a rail ticket pricing policy my search started. However, despite having the readies, I still went down the “if I buy a good second hand one, I’ll be quids in” route. The bar room “it’ll have lost most of it’s depreciation” gang had struck, fed me the mead and press-ganged me into action.

“Right then, supercar”…being a Porsche man I looked at a GT3 RS, well that’s 100k gone, but there’s a few out there so I can go for a cheaper one if I need cash for the classic.

The saloon was an issue, Beamer or Audi? Mmm decisions, decisions. In the understated fox in sheep’s clothing guise, an RS6 Avant would do nicely. Found a nice one for 35k. 4×4 was a no brainer, Range Rover Sport. Got a few quid left so found a smart white, if a little gangsta, 5.0 V8 autobiography for 67k. Now for my classic.

Totting up my wedge I’d got 48k left. Now that was more than enough for what I’d originally had in mind. I’m a child of the 80’s. I grew up idolising the Professionals, and basically any car that locked it wheels at the merest sign of a brake pedal, lost it’s rear end by just looking at the steering wheel, and was low enough for me to roll over the bonnet without popping a hip. It had to be either an Mk 2 Escort RS2000 with optional vinyl roof or a Capri 3.0 S.

Now the search for the Capri was not looking good. Trying to find a mint 3.0 S was about as likely as my dog Dennis cleaning up after himself. So with heavy heart I moved onto the escort. Surely my luck would change? Well, it did. They were far more popular, and it seemed far more expensive than I had anticipated. Yes there were the run of the mill chavtastic mobiles with stick on everything, to some very original examples. But what caught my eye were the amount of Mk1 and Mk2 racing versions. 1968 Mk1 £65k, 1972 Mk2 £95k the list went on. But then I saw it. A Black totally original 1980 beast for £15k. Popping back to reality for a while I reminded myself of my criteria “original classic” and so the hypothetical sale was done.

For the mathematicians amongst you, you’ll have gathered that I still have £33k left to spend.

Now to keep the missus sweet, that’s an awful lot of flowers, so florist aside, I needed to pick something else. But what?

It was time for my internet fruit machine to do the talking. Having decided a convertible was the order of the day I banged in my spend, hit the button and waited like a dribbling teenager on his first promise!

Porsche, got one! Audi got one!…beamer….merc….same old, same old and then I saw the light. A £32k Lotus 2- Eleven. Not strictly a convertible, more of a race car without a roof, but hey it’s my train set.

So with a grand left for the florist my list was complete. So what had I got for my money?

Car Cost bhp 0.60/2
Porsche GT3 RS £100k 450 4.0
Audi RS6 Avant £35k 580 4.6
Range Rover 5.0 Autobiography £67k 510 6.2
Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 £15k 110 8.6
Lotus 2- Eleven £32k 252 3.8

To get a fresh perspective I asked my mate Dave the same question and he came up with the following:

Car Cost bhp 0.60/2
Land Rover Discovery 4, 3.0 diesel HSE £49k 255 8.7
Nissan GTR £45k 480 3.5
Dax Tojero (Cobra) V8 £39k 400 quick
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, Tommi Makinen £12k 280 4.4
1960’s VW Type 2, Split Screen Camper £26k 54 very slow
Chevrolet Camero (Bumble Bee) £30k 400 5.4
Aston Martin DB9 £49 450 4.9


And so, back to the original question.

What would you do? A Lambo, a Noble, a McLaren?, or several thousand bhp of fun for all the family, and a monster bunch of flowers?

The choice, as they say, is yours!

Next week……a beginners guide to investment banking and do it yourself garage blocks.