Audi Main Dealer – Angling for a fight!

Took the audi in for a service recently at Wolverhampton Audi. I knew there was a problem with the rearwiper and so expected the worst. Matt, the service advisor at Audi duly obliged and I was left with a bill for £725.

It didn’t matter how he painted it, and believe me he tried, it was a wounder. It was one of those real deep wounds, because even if I’d have wanted to, I really couldn’t avoid this work as it was causing other associated problems. So having agreed to empty my wallet, Matt went ahead and ordered the bits and my car was returned to me 2 days later.

A couple of weeks went by and exactly the same fault occured again. Intermittent use of the rear wiper, no washer, and the boot warning light coming on. Most annoyingly however was the result of the latter fault, namely random activation of the alarm.

Following inumerable trips to apologise to the neighbours…again, I resolved myself to the fact that it was going to have to go back to Audi. It was mid morning when the man in my head awoke and started bombarding me with little nuggets of advice based on his experience of main dealers in the past.

Well, wasn’t that just great. “You’re going to have to go prepared.” “They are bound to say it’s something else.” “If so, did they fault check correctly in the first place?… because if they didn’t you want your money back.” ” Make a noise, argue, you’ll get your way if you’re persistent, threaten trading standards, do they realise what you do for a living?” ” Do they know who you are?”….”you’ll sue!”…. and so it went on. Every conceivable arguement, played out in my head on the assumption that it was going to be a drama. But not just any old drama, a large budget costume jobbie!!

Well imagine my surprise. I popped back to see Matt and they took my car back in. I had the use of a very nice A4 with all the toys and they waived the excess on the insurance. Which in hindsight raised a number of questions, not least who would agree to pay a £1000 excess on a courtesy car? I wouldn’t, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, as it turned out they hadn’t fitted a seal which was letting water in which had caused the fault, and they would repair at no cost to me. Following a rather long pause, doubletake, call it what you will, I put the phone down, and picked my car up 3 days later.

Imagine the surprise, as it sunk in with the man in my head that a main dealer had actually owned up to making a mistake, and were going to pay!

Audi did everything they could to put this right, with the minimum of fuss, and I got the use of a very nice motor to boot. Now I’m not advocating main dealers as the pillars of all integrity, as I’ve had some horrendous experiences in the past, most notably with Volvo. But credit where credits due, the team at Wolverhampton Audi did a great job. Thanks to Matt Dewhirst at Wolverhampton Audi for his help on this one