What’s gone wrong with the shed now?

In a feature we are calling “What’s gone wrong with the shed now?”, we will detail like a road test what goes wrong with our under £500 motor.
The shed being what it is doesn’t get driven very often, on occasions it will do the short journey to the station and back then sit for weeks. So when I got it in the other day and it wouldn’t start it was no suprise and no problem because we live on a hill so I just pushed it out onto the road then rushed along side jumped in before it got to the bottom, dropped it into second and bumped started her. Now those who have ever bump started a car will know once started you are then gambling with the fact that you will not stall it and that you will get enough charge in the battery to start it again at the far end. Well I didn’t stall it but nor did it get enough charge in it, so the jump leads had to come out.
I thought the solution was a quick and easy charge of the battery but even after this it still woudn’t start, a quick check of the voltage with a multimeter showed it was only spitting out 4volts, hmm dead battery. So a new one is on order, £38.50 spent with The Battery Guys.
Update:- Ordered the battery on 11th Dec, still not received it and still not had a response to my chase email, not great service so far from The Battery Boys.